Oct 6, 2022

Amazon's 2022 Devices & Services Event

Post by 
Razvan Chitu

We were brought in by our long time partner Freeman, the world leading agency in live events with the scope of post producing and editing the entire 1 hour presentation of the newest Amazon devices. The shooting took place in Seattle and happened in a single day. We were there in person and worked directly with the producers, making sure that the large quantity of data was organized and prepped for editing by four different editors in 3 different countries.

We are always thrilled and ready to face challenges - and this project was no exception.

We only had 2 and a half days to create the entire presentation from the moment the shooting was over and we had to come up with a plan. We’ve built a reputation of accepting impossible deadlines and fixing what seems to be impossible. At Mile 80 we are so well divided on two different time zones and thanks to our top notch organization we managed to work non-stop, day and night, compressing what normally would take one week in just 2 days of work (and during the weekend)

Client: Want to make it more challenging?
Mile 80: Sure!
Client: We also need a one minute teaser. Can you make it happen?
Mile 80:

Obviously, that’s a made up conversation, but on top of the full presentation we also had to create a one minute teaser for this event. Which we did within the same timeframe.

Due to the nearly impossible deadline we must admit that this was a very challenging experience but we accepted it, embraced it and overcame it. The end result was well received and the feedback from Amazon was very positive.

Accepting impossible deadlines is something brave, forcing our team of editors, animators and sound designers to step out of our comfort zone and really get to know each other’s strong and weak points. These kind of challenges always make us stronger, more united and more excited about the future.