Jun 23, 2022

Artist Spotlight: Ryan Lopes

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Where are you from?

Ryan was born and raised in Brazil. He is originally from the northern state of Maranhão but for the past 15 years has been living in the southern city of Curitiba.

How did you get started as an artist?

Ryan has worked professionally in video media production for about 5 years now. He always enjoyed shooting videos for his friends growing up and completed many projects for his high school, however it was not until he reached college that he realized he could make a career from his art.

At Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Ryan was able to gain experience in multiple disciplines such as directing, producing, photography, illustrating, and animating. As he made video production into a career he focused his efforts into editing and post production.

What is your favorite part about creating videos as an artist?

Ryan’s favorite part of video production is the moment everything in a project comes together. Creating work that causes a reaction has always been addicting.

Its very fascinating to me, there's no better feeling than we take different shots, animations, music and other elements… put them together and make people feel something. It creates a sensation for the viewer, and that always makes me happy.

What motivates you and your work?

Ryan has always been motivated by continuous improvement. Each day is a new opportunity for him to get 1% better by practicing and applying new skills to his work. He feels proud to work with so many talented colleagues that he can learn from and push him to try new things to overcome challenges.

Work with Mile 80

Ryan has worked with Mile 80 for 9 months now and has been pivotal in the rapid growth of the company. His responsibilities align mostly with post production editing, but he is never shy to lend a helping hand where needed.

What challenges have you faced?

The biggest challenge Ryan overcame working with Mile 80 was getting comfortable working in a team that is located all around the world. Before coming to Mile 80 Ryan had not worked on a global team, so it took some adjusting to understand other teammates schedules, languages, and cultures.

Ultimately this challenge became a benefit because the diverse perspectives create a great artistic environment. Each member has a different background with fresh ideas and skill sets. So any time anyone needs help someone is there to support.

What's your favorite part of Mile 80?

Being a contributor on such a talented team is Ryan’s favorite part of working at Mile 80. Many artists often prefer to work in individual environments where they can complete their assigned tasks and move on.

Mile 80 on the other hand has created a team effort all the way. Ryan fits in perfectly because he enjoys learning from colleagues and celebrating with the team when a final version of a project comes together.

Project Highlight: Chegg "NIL" Announcement

Chegg wanted to make a grand announcement of their first endorsed student athlete ambassador Paige Bueckers. Mile 80 was brought in to make some social videos for the announcement. Below is what our head of Post Production, João Miguel said about Ryan's role for this project.

"The production was, in some ways, intense. We didn't have much time and didn't know exactly what would come out of it. We got to post-production with a good amount of footage, and there were many ways we could go. As the editor, Ryan brought great references from the beginning. Throughout the whole process, it was clear that he had a vision of what he could do, and the confidence to get it done quickly. His execution for this project was exceptional."

Fun Facts

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When Ryan is not busy using his master editing skills you can find him riding around on his skateboard, catching some waves out surfing, or firing up some video games to enjoy with his friends.

Where would you go for a dream vacation?

Since Ryan has always been in the tropical country of Brazil he would like to see some snow, and has always been interested in skiing. So if it were up to him, he would find a nice mountain range to soak up the crisp cool weather and enjoy some big fluffy snowflakes.

Favorite Food?

When it comes to eating good. Ryan loves the traditional Brazillian meal of Feijoada. This stew of beans usually comes with Beef or Pork and pairs well with some cabbage, rice, oranges and Farofa (toasted wheat flour).

What advice would you give for a new artist?

The best advice Ryan would give to someone new to video production would be to “learn by doing.”

In video making it is easy to get into your own head. Sometimes you get stuck in the “idea” phase of a project… but you have to be okay with not being perfect. It is okay if the project does not turn out exactly how you want first time. Being able to overcome and change your work will only make you better in the long run. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, embrace the mistakes because they are what make you an artist.