Feb 21, 2023

OnePlus KSP Videos - Case Study

Post by 
Razvan Chitu

January has ended, and all is quiet. But there’s a good reason why.

We partnered once again with XD Agency to create videos for the the launch of the OnePlus 11. Shout out to XD Agency for once again trusting us to bring the client vision to life. We were tasked with creating a product launch trailer, as well as, four commercials outlining the product KSPs.

What is a KSP?

A KSP (Key Selling Point) is a reference to the unique and important features or benefits of a product. Our four KSP videos cover each of the OnePlus 11’s primary selling points, and flagship features. If we do our job correctly, each video will present a common pain point with competitor devices, and showcase the solutions offered by the OnePlus 11. The KSPs for the OnePlus 11 fall into four buckets: performance, camera, lag, and battery.

From concept to completion

It all starts with the concept phase. We worked with XD Agency to come up with unique concepts for each KSP, and landed on four core stories.

-A rapper needs a phone that is able to keep up with his creative and performance needs.
-A brunch-enthusiast who stops for a photo on her way to the restaurant.
-A rushed young lady who needs a fast charge for her dying phone.
-A very dedicated gamer who will play as long as it takes to finally get a win.

Production Team

With the help of Aura Casting, a wonderful casting company based in San Francisco, we pored through dozens of audition tapes for our four roles. We were introduced to some incredibly talented actors, and ultimately selected Christian Perez, Lyra Reign, Grace Kyzar and David Lott.

The location was a beautiful, historic compound in Austin, Texas called Casa Cartel. The eclectic nature of the space allowed us to shoot all four spots in the same location while building out different aesthetics for each.

Shooting four spots in two days was sure to be a huge undertaking. So we enlisted our friends at Holocene Productions to handle production coordination, and ensure everything ran smoothly. Lauren and Cameron of Holocene joined our production as line producers, and were incredible to work with. This allowed our Executive Creative Director, Ryan Sheffer, to focus on directing our talent, and our head Producer, Jared Cunningham, to gather some great behind-the-scenes moments.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our days on set here:


This is where the magic happens. We have a talented and dedicated team of artists, each with their own areas of expertise, who were each able to contribute to the edits in different ways. The client needed the first round of edits a week after we wrapped shooting, so that meant it was all hands on deck.

Within 72 hours of receiving the footage, our team was able to finish a great first round of edits. Our artists and editors are spread out all over the world, so we are truly able to work 24 hours a day to hit ambitious deadlines. It took four editors, one animator, and one sound designer to wrap up our first round of edits.

The primary challenge for this project was to fit entertaining and concise narratives into the 15 and 30 second spot variations. From rotoscoping and compositing to hair effects and sound design, our effects team had their hands full.

João Miguel, our VP of Creative, acted as the lead editor for this project. Here’s what he had to say about the process and challenges involved in this particular project:

As an editor, the best problem you can have on your hands is getting the footage and realizing there's so much good stuff in there that there are multiple ways you can approach telling the story. Given the quick turnaround, we had to be very efficient. That kind of situation always puts our collaborative workflow to the test, and I was very happy to see that we as a team were ready to execute flawlessly and exceed any expectations that were set from the beginning.


These spots will be housed online, and distributed through paid media placements. So we created both 30 and 15 second versions in order to fit within varying use cases. Look out for these videos on Youtube and across various social media platforms!

Thank you to all involved in making this project a massive success. We’re onto the next big thing.