Jun 20, 2022

Storyboards: Leading the Way

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Every client project we work on at Mile 80 is a journey, and the final cut is the destination. Storyboards are the instruction manual for getting our clients to the final cut.

Why use Storyboards?


Video production is unique from other art forms because it takes a lot of collaboration to get to the final product. Along the way, each member of the creative process needs to know what direction the project is heading and what the intention is for each shot.

As the projects scale larger so do the number of people and steps that need to be in sync. If everyone is not on the same page for the creative direction, the errors will be reflected in the final product.

To ensure we are able translate the vision from our creative team for client approval we illustrate using storyboard. Storyboards are a sketched version of final visuals that convey to everyone involved what you are working towards. By having these organized illustrations we are able to clearly communicate our visions, and get feedback throughout this client journey.

Check out some examples of how we brought illustrations to life for our clients:

Chegg asked us to help with a project highlighting their collaboration tools. The storyboard guided the way for how all the live-action scenes worked together.

Zembula needed help communicating how their product makes managing effective email campaigns automated. We used illustrations to create fun animations to make their advertising more approachable.


Storyboards are the guide to our creative process because they allow our team to collaborate efficiently while also having independent artistic freedom. Since Mile 80 is a global team, we have created a 24 hour work day where we pass each project off from one time zone to another. Many times our artists are drafting the illustrations in Europe, then animation is created in South America and feedback comes from our producers in the United States. These storyboards allow us connect the dots between our artistic vision, our client’s business needs, and our technical execution.


Each time we bring on a new client at Mile 80, we invest in long term relationships. Storyboards are the starting point to organizing our collaboration and the guide to building trust throughout each project as it comes to life. If your team is looking for a partner to be by your side through each part of the technical video execution, Mile 80 is the team for you! Let our artists start bringing your visions to life today by contact us to set up a creative call.