Founder/Executive Creative Director

A creative storyteller with multiple decades of experience - Ryan has been sought after by the world’s best companies. Starting as an editor and technologist, Ryan’s technical and storytelling skills allowed him to quickly pivot into producing and directing.

For the last two decades he has been on the cutting edge of technology and storytelling while making sure to do it with a smile on his face.
Mile 80 came about when Ryan realized he could no longer handle the demand for his style of creativity on his own and needed to build a team.

Today, Ryan focuses on building technology that empowers creatives, writing, directing, and ensuring that his team has all the tools they need to grow and flourish. Ryan’s deepest desire is to prove to his children that they can do anything if they set their mind to it.

Ryan Sheffer founder of Mile80


With offices in Texas, Romania, and Brazil there are always creatives awake and working on your projects.

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Actress, musician, and creative swiss-army knife. Producer of Mile 80's two flagship feature film projects that are currently in development.

Ashley Sheffer

Feature Film Producer
Founding member of Mile 80. Head of studio expansion. Animator and cat daddy.

Razvan Chitu

VP of Global Studios
A people person with a love for ideas. Working with you to turn your idea into reality.

Jared Cunningham

VP of Production & Partnerships
The fixer. Whatever the problem is, Joao can fix.

João Miguel

VP of Creative & S. America Lead
Brazil's finest. Video editor with a big heart and passion for skate.

Ryan Lopes

Video Editor
Vector expert. Transforming shapes into stories.

Camila Barbieri

Art Director
2D animation king.

Juan Mendoza

Lead Animator
When you think you have to hear it twice, Dako only needs to hear it once.

Dako Puac

Sound Designer
Builder, animator and actor. He chose Mile 80. Guess which is his favorite passion.

Mihai Isidor

When everyone works in two dimensions, Gabriel works in 3. He is our 3D artist.

Gabriel Fuentes Fillippello

3D Artist
The one doing the work that no one else wants to do.

Loreta Chitu

Operations Manager
Ambassador of magnificent videos. Colleague of dreams :)

Anastasia Chepikova

Video Editor


Mile 80 is the 24/7 video team for the deadlines you think you can’t meet. With offices on 3 continents, there is always someone working to push your company’s video past the finish line. Whether full production, post, or ani- mation and design, we have artists available to suit any video. No matter the project, we’d love to chat.

Each project starts with an introductory call where we scope out the work. From there, we deliver quotes within 24 hours. Unless the project changes in scope, that quote is good as gold. We never hide charges. And we’ll never charge you a dollar more than you expect.

Live Action Commercials

Concept, plan, shoot, edit - We can handle every stage of live action production.


Our team has decades of 2D and 3D animation experience. Whether you need an explainer or a new logo animation we've got a team of creatives waiting to tackle your project.


From Unreal Engine to Cinema 4D our team can tackle the most challenging 3D workflows.


We've edited thousands of hours of footage. We are very good at editing anything you need edited.
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