Amazon New Front 2022

In early 2022, live events started to come back strong in the US. Our first project back was a partnership with Freeman and Amazon for the Amazon NewFronts 2022 event. Mile 80 was brought in to work with Amazon and head up the production of all video leading up to the live event held at the Lincoln Center in the heart of New York City. We were responsible for multiple videos - including the opening launch video that kicked off the event ahead of the host, Amy Poehler’s, arrival.

This project was our first experience integrating live theatrical work with pre-created video. Throughout the 5.5 minutes of content, there were two separate moments where we needed to ensure that our video sync’d up perfectly with live theatrical work on stage. The first was a ballerina dancing to new show announcements and the second was a drum line acting as an interlude between the film and TV announcement and Thursday Night Football. We covered the entire experience in an extended case study at this link.


Freeman is a leader in live events. In the past year, they've become a leader in virtual events. Mile 80 is a consistent partner with Freeman when it comes to high end video production for virtual events. We successfully worked together for clients like Google, Amazon, IBM, AutoDesk and many others.


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