The Event Playground

The world's best content pre-visualization software.
Events live or die by content on screens - larger-than-life screens of all shapes and sizes that are nothing like the TVs, theaters and mobile devices we’re otherwise glued to. Experiencing your event content simply cannot be replicated by watching it on a tiny laptop screen, yet we preview event content the same way we review videos produced for cell phones.
That’s like preparing a prime rib in the microwave.
It’s time to know exactly how your content will look, sound and play on event day.
Pre-visualization of the show via web browser
Save dozens of hours in rendering
Recoup $50,000+ in design cycles
Enjoy total freedom to experiment
Watch the entire show weeks before you’re on site


The Event Playground is the world's preeminent event pre-visualization platform, where you can preview all your content with more precision than ever before.

2  How it Works

1. Upload venue and scenic CAD files
2. Receive a content template to easily customize
3. Access your venue directly on your Chrome browser
4. Load static & moving renders directly into the venue
5. Explore every inch of your event, before it happens



We built The Event Playground because we were tired of showing up at the venue after months of production, having no idea how our content would look in the space. Having to alter creative to fit a venue at the last minute because nobody had seen it in-situ is unacceptable. And having the week before every event be a frantic sprint because nobody knows what to expect is something we were no longer willing to deal with.

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