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Why Mile 80?

We put you at ease when you’re ready to scale up your message to the world with high quality visual and audio storytelling. We look for partners who are prepared to go with the best collaborators and not the cheapest commodity. We’re here for your success. As a peer. As a confidant on the adventure of business. See us as a new department of your business that you can turn on on a project by project basis.

A 24/7 Global team of experts

75+ years of combined experience. Our in-house team of global creatives work across 3 continents to create a 24/7 working schedule to bring you the highest quality videos faster than any other team out there.

Cutting edge technology

From the beginning, Mile 80 has been connected to the cutting edge of motion and visual technology. Whether it’s virtual production, visual effects, 360 video, or simply a technical problem you’re not sure you can solve - we’re the partner you’ve been looking for.

Quality that scales

Our goal is to scale your message without sacrificing quality. Whether you have a clear vision of the videos you need, we work with you to make sense of how to maximize the amount of quality content you can create within your budget.


All projects with Mile 80 come with a guarantee of perpetual file storage. We pay for longterm online backup for all working files. This means all raw files, not just final exports. You’re given a link that lasts forever and holds all the sets you’d ever need to re-visit a project.