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OnePlus 10T Launch
For the first time, acclaimed Chinese manufacturer OnePlus entered the US market for a product launch, through a star-studded event at Gotham Hall in New York City. The event centered around showcasing the devices's capabilities, but our remit was to help partner XDA tell an overarching story that would captivate the audience and give them something to write about.
Google Cloud Next
Our mandate in producing the keynote for this year's annual engineering conference was to help agency partner Freeman demonstrate how AI is affecting the way companies work, accelerating business transformation. With tens of thousands of attendees joining us in Las Vegas, we helped weave together stories that established Google Cloud's preeminence at the forefront of the AI platform shift.
Virtual production
AMD Advancing AI
A great event sets a tone, immerses the audience, and jolts them into paying attention, being in the moment. AMD and agency partner Freeman wanted to make it clear during their recent Advancing AI event that they are an undisputed leader in the AI revolution.
Amazon Unboxed
Each year, Amazon Ads hosts the unBoxed conference to unveil new solutions and innovations to help brands connect with consumers and move their business forward. In 2023, we partnered with Freeman to produce all opening videos for the event, showcasing a wide range of product categories - sports, entertainment, FireTV, Prime Video, FreeVee and more - all with an eye towards articulating how Amazon leverages contextual placement to drive consumer purchase on site.
Intuit Motion Branding
Working in partnership with Intuit's design leadership, Mile 80 was contracted to explore motion design and animation for the brand's new design system, setting the stage for all future motion design work.
AMD CES Keynote
At CES 2024, our mandate from partner Freeman was to motivate manufacturers and distributors to level up their tech stack through AMD's end-to-end AI infrastructure. This year, we'd be producing a 20-minute "movie" featuring execs addressing a global audience.
Amazon NewFront 2023
Each year, the world's biggest advertisers converge on the Newfronts to be wined, dined and wow'd by the worlds biggest online platforms, vying for billions of dollars in ad revenue. From late 2020 to present, Mile 80 has partnered with Amazon through agency partner Freeman to help the brand resonate with ad execs.
Autodesk Go Beyond
Through a flurry of acquisitions, Autodesk had assembled a plethora of 3D software solutions, and wanted to consolidate them all into a single integrated platform in the cloud, inspiring siloed workforces to come together as one.
3D & motion graphics
Siemens CES Exhibit
At CES 2024, Mile 80 partnered with Freeman and Siemens to produce all content for their exhibit, including scene-setting 3- ambient textures, content shorts featuring partners like Blendhub and Red Bull, and interactive experiences.
OnePlus Cloud 11 Launch
On the heals of its successful launch of the 10T, agency partner XDA once again contracted Mile 80 to help launch the OnePlus Cloud 11, a much larger and technically complex endeavor.