OnePlus 10T Launch

For the first time, acclaimed Chinese manufacturer OnePlus entered the US market for a product launch, through a star-studded event at Gotham Hall in New York City. The event centered around showcasing the devices's capabilities, but our remit was to help agency partner XDA tell an overarching story that would captivate the audience and give them something to write about.

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360 Degree
Opening Video
Particle systems
16k resolution
4 Screens
Keynote production, Experiential


Coming into a new market is always challenging, especially when your target audience has for years been spoiled by the high production value of product launches from the likes of Apple. We had to cut through, no matter what.



Our creative direction centered around the concept of an "Origin Story" - a design aesthetic we curated and deployed through 360-degree video covering the entirety of Gotham Hall. We set sail on a mission to take our audience on an immerse journey into the heart of this product.



We created an opening video that set the tone for the event, with additional deliverables including creative direction, editing, motion graphics, sound design and post production. The venue became the epicenter for an immersive experience that put OnePlus on the proverbial map.



The project was complex and technically challenging, but with only 48 hours in the venue pre-event, our team worked overtime to ensure every facet of the content was flawless. The event surpassed its objectives, earning exponential growth in PR and social chatter. And Mile 80 earned the contract for the following year's launch of the OnePlus Cloud 11.