Amazon Unboxed

Each year, Amazon Ads hosts the unBoxed conference to unveil new solutions and innovations to help brands connect with consumers and move their business forward. In 2023, we partnered with Freeman to produce all opening videos for the event, showcasing a wide range of product categories - sports, entertainment, FireTV, Prime Video, FreeVee and more - all with an eye towards articulating how Amazon leverages contextual placement to drive consumer purchase on site.

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Both for Broadcast and Live Show
8K resolution
3 screens
Creative concepting, Motion graphics, Video editing, Sound design


With so many product offerings across different realms of the Amazon ecosystem, what's most important is to create continuity from one story to the next - an undergirding that allows for cohesion, while still curating iconic moments that transcend the rest of the show and enrapture the audience.



With tight timelines, crucial to our approach in 2023 was a sort of upcycling of existing assets, repurposing creative from prior campaigns to fit the look and feel of unBoxed and breathe life into new brand guidelines. There were many stories to tell, and we needed to make it all feel as one.



From initial concepting and strategy to all production, motion graphics, sound design and finishing work, Mile 80 was involved in every facet of creating opening videos that would set the tone for the entire event.



Conference attendees left the event buzzing about all the new innovations like Sponsored TV, AI Ads and Instagrammable interactive exhibits, with one attendee even saying "unBoxed 2023 tickets were harder to get than tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras tour." The content set the tone for a truly memorable event, and made it clear that Amazon was making significant investment in both AI and creative assets for Amazon Ads platform users.