Google Cloud Next

Our mandate in producing the keynote for this year's annual engineering conference was to help agency partner Freeman demonstrate how AI is affecting the way companies work, accelerating business transformation. With tens of thousands of attendees joining us in Las Vegas, we helped weave together stories that established Google Cloud's preeminence at the forefront of the AI platform shift.

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Split into 2000+ exports
6K resolution
12 screens (considering repeaters and ribbons), including one the size of a tennis court
Creative concepting, Motion graphics, Video editing, Sound design


Producing a keynote of this magnitude is both technically complex and materially robust, with almost 2,500 disparate files that need to be stitched together meticulously in order to create one cohesive presentation that ultimately would be broadcast across 7 different screens within the venue.



The foundation for all production was a linear timeline we crafted, which helped organize the thousands of creative files that we'd stitch together into the final keynote. With only 2 months to produce all of the content, we needed to be fast, efficient and perfect in every way possible.



Within the Keynote, our primary deliverable was a motion design package that would carry through each chapter of the video presentation - creating continuity from one story to the next and providing the audience with a flow that made sense, while also allowing space for spectacular interstitials we like to call "WOW Moments", intended to force people into paying attention in the moment.



While the show was executed flawlessly and attendees were universally enthralled with the presentation, perhaps what was most reflective of our joint success was the reception the CEO received following the broadcast of the video we produced on his behalf - a video that stated in no uncertain terms, Google Cloud is a leader in this space and intends to maintain that position moving forward.